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Foundation Programme

The Fundamentals of Human-Centric Team Culture

The Culture Academy's Foundation Programme, The Fundamentals of Human-Centric Team Culture, is a 12-week, cohort based, interactive learning experience.

£1,000 per person
Limited time offer
£495 per person!
CPD accredited

About the programme...

Your Team Leaders will join a community of like minded professionals to explore, experiment and grow together into champions of human-centric team culture.

The Foundation Programme will equip Team Leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to have a positive impact on their team and enable them to build a culture that supports trust, a sense of belonging, togetherness and psychological safety - the building blocks for every high performing, resilient team.

Our approach to learning is grounded in science, inspired by the best places to work, and driven by human connection and shared experience. Team leaders will experience human-centric culture first hand and, by the end of the programme, will truly understand how being intentional in their behaviour can create an environment that empowers everyone to thrive.

Defining Human-Centric Team Culture

A human-centric workplace prioritises the most human of values and psychological needs. It is in this environment, that team leaders are empowered to build and nurture a culture where team members feel a sense of belonging and safety.

Key Pillars of Human-Centric Team Culture

Belonging & Common Purpose
Psychological Safety
Learning Mindset
Healthy Norms
Building Trust
Empathy & Humility

Learning Objectives

By the end of the Programme, Team Leaders will be able to:

  • Understand what contributes to a human-centric culture and how it is connected to team productivity and resilience
  • Reflect on their existing team culture and identify areas for improvement
  • Identify sub-optimal behaviours and recognise mindsets and attitudes that support collaboration, innovation and sense of belonging
  • Assemble a personal toolkit of culture building hacks and rituals and know how to apply them to their team dynamic
  • Create a 3-month Culture Action Plan to take the learnings way beyond the Foundation Programme and address the most pressing cultural challenges Team Leaders are facing.

Programme Delivery

Mix of sync & async learning
Language: English
Timezone: US & EMEA
A CPD-accredited programme

A Hybrid Approach to Learning

A blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Live Workshops
Bi-weekly, facilitator led, online learning sessions form the foundation of the learning journey
Action Weeks
Experiments, Rituals and Micro-practices bring learnings to life and help to build culture by doing
Guided reflection with support from a Culture Academy coach, key to learning with intention
Learning Community
An opportunity to learn from others on a similar journey, provides support, inspiration and human connection

Ready to make Team Culture your competitive advantage?

Explore the full syllabus of our Foundation Course to understand exactly what your Team Leaders will learn.

Download the full Programme Guide to... The Foundations of Human-Centric Team Culture

Meet your Course Leader: Kasia Olszko

Kasia Olszko is an ICF accredited leadership coach, wellness consultant, facilitator and learning designer with a real passion for the intersection of wellbeing and performance. She helps companies create more human-centric cultures through conscious leadership development and engaging learning experiences. Kasia is currently the Head of Learning at Kaido and has years of experience working with innovative and fast moving tech companies, serial entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 leaders.

Kasia has been trusted to deliver training for global brands including Typeform, Nestle, WeWork, Hopin and General Electric.

A CPD accredited course.

Undertaking a CPD-accredited programme can result in a multitude of benefits for your Team Leaders including:

  • Improved skills and competencies within their role
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Enhanced leadership
  • A commitment to lifelong learning
  • Increase purpose at work.


Who is the Culture Academy aimed at?

The Culture Academy is designed for Team Leaders and Managers due to their ability to immediately take action and implement new concepts and practises with their teams. However, any individual with a passion for wellbeing, behaviour change and contributing to a more inclusive and human-centric culture is a good fit.

How do I recruit Team Leaders to the Academy?

The Culture Academy is designed for Team Leaders and Managers who are both passionate and intentional about improving the environment they create for their teams. Learners will need to be open-minded, passionate about making change over the long term and accountable for their own learning journey.

Why should I invest in Team Culture?

A Human-Centric Team Culture built on empathy, trust and psychological safety is key to fostering happy, healthy, engaged employees that in turn help you to create a more productive and profitable business. Making team culture your competitive advantage and creating a working environment that everyone wants to be part of is the best way to attract and retain talent. Learn more in our blog 'The Business case for Human-Centric Team Culture'.

What is a live cohort programme?

Cohort-based learning means your Team Leaders are on a journey with a set group of learners moving through a sequence of interactive online modules together, discussing ideas and sharing knowledge as they go. All Culture Academy programmes take an experiential, action focussed approach. A mix of live sessions, guided action weeks, self reflection and peer to peer support create a unique learning journey and space for open, authentic discussion.

How much time will Team Leaders need to commit to the Programme?

Culture change is not a quick fix. It takes commitment, time and intentional action. We have designed all Culture Academy programmes with busy team leaders in mind and are passionate about making it inclusive and accessible. The format of delivery is a mix of bi-weekly, live, virtual workshops - lasting 90mins, followed by action weeks that are self-guided and focused around Rituals and Experiments that Team Leaders can explore together with their teams. We advise a minimum 2 hour weekly time commitment to achieve the course outcomes and begin to have an immediate within teams.

How much does the Culture Academy cost?

The Culture Academy's Foundation Course, Building Human-Centric Team Culture is priced at £495 per person for a limited time only. There is no minimum number of licenses and discounts are available for group purchases.

What happens after the Foundation Course?

At the end of the Foundation Course, learners will create a 3 month Action Plan to continue their learning and intentionally develop their team cultures. The Culture Academy then has a number of additional 'short-form' programmes for learners covering the key pillars of a Human-Centric Team Culture including Work Life Integration and Togetherness.

What makes the Culture Academy different from other learning programmes?

The Culture Academy is an experiential, cohort based learning programme for Team Leaders. It is specifically designed to help Team Leaders be more intentional about developing their team cultures through Live Workshops, Action Weeks, Guided Reflection and Community Support.

Teams of every shape, size and sector are using Kaido to boost their Team Culture.

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