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Trusted by 1,000s of teams around the world

Happier, Healthier Teams in 4 weeks

Support your employees' physical and mental health, and increase engagement by 30% with a Kaido Wellbeing Challenge.

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Trusted by 1,000s of teams around the world

What is a Kaido Wellbeing Challenge?

Watch our introductory video to learn how Kaido works and how it can help your business.

Our Impact in Numbers
increase in wellbeing related conversations
report an improvement in their wellbeing
would recommend Kaido to a colleague
increase in interaction within teams

So much more than a Steps Challenge!

Kaido is an inclusive and accessible health and wellbeing initiative that is deliberately designed to support people of all health backgrounds to improve an area of wellbeing important to them.

Support physical and mental health

Earn points for none physical activities including mindfulness and cooking healthy recipes.

Bring Teams Together

Drive positive wellbeing related conversations with team based activities and friendly competition.

Prioritise Inclusivity

Include everyone regardless of Age, Health Status or the need for modern technology.

Evidence ROI

Understand impact and engagement with a 12 Page Post Challenge Impact Report.

Why work with us?

The Kaido Wellbeing Challenge was launched in 2018 as a fun, inclusive and accessible alternative to the traditional company Steps Challenge. Since then, Kaido and our partners in the NHS have helped 1,000s of teams worldwide to deliver lasting impact and engagement through their employee wellbeing initiatives.

  • Fun, Inclusive and Accessible
  • Proven impact on both wellbeing and culture
  • Perfect for remote and hybrid teams
  • Trusted by 300+ companies globally
  • NHS Funded Organisation
  • Low Touch, High Impact
  • Fair Billing Policy
How does a Challenge work?

Build your perfect challenge 🛠️

Select a launch date, story and set of Team Boosters to create your perfect Challenge.

Drive engagement 🚀

Train a team of Challenge Champions to help you drive engagement and guarantee Challenge Success.

Get fully supported by us 🎧

Let Kaido take care of the full running of your Challenge including support.

Receive your Report 📝

Your post Challenge Impact Report helps you understand engagement and evaluate ROI.

Don't just take our word for it!

We think our Challenges are amazing, but don't just take our word for it. Hear the stories of some of the people that have benefited from Kaido...

What our customers say...

"Many people are missing the social aspects of being in the workplace and the general conversations which help us all make real human connections and develop work friendships. Engaging with some fun activities and the Kaido app has given us something different to talk about and it has been very positively received."
“Thank you Kaido! Your team helped us create those missing lobby magic moments; connecting with colleagues old and new, while helping us stay fit and energised, in a virtual environment. Really appreciate it”
“Seeing our leadership team so engaged and enthusiastic said great things about tcc's culture. It was clear that colleagues had permission to prioritise wellbeing, health and happiness. We all got behind a common goal and loved the sense of friendly competition!”
“The fact that the challenges are built on best practice and used by the NHS made it easier to foster engagement and get our team on board. Employees trusted Kaido and were open to learning, trying new things and having fun. The challenge worked for everybody, whatever their fitness level, personality or passions.”
“Having Kaido helped colleagues improve team morale and change those bad habits into good ones. The set-up was easy and the Kaido team were brilliant, making sure we understood how it all worked. Once we had done the initial communications, I hardly had to do a thing to keep it going.”
“Having researched a number of Apps in the marketplace and Kaido was the one that ticked all the boxes - with sleep, nutrition and exercise. One of the things that really impressed me about Kaido was how easy it was to set up. Kaido brought a welcome morale and motivation boost. Highly recommended!”
Since we ran our first Challenge...
Participants from 100s of companies
Team-based wellbeing activities completed
Mindfulness minutes completed
Physical Activity Minutes Completed

Ready to build a happier, healthier workplace?

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