Paper Planes

🏰 Culture

Unleash your inner aerospace engineers and take flight with your team with this fun paper planes competition. Whose will fly with flare? Whose will turn the most heads?

Groups of 4-20 people
30 mins
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A lunchtime activity:
Ready, set, fold!

Everyone loves an old school game of Paper Planes so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a blast from the past... with a modern twist!

What will you go for.. simple yet effective, slick and slimline or a vibrant showstopper? The choice is yours! Make your own plane or, if you’d prefer, work with your team to make a fleet of different planes between you.

Choose a good time to have a break from work - virtual or in-person - then grab some paper (check the recycling bin!)

Choose a predesigned template.

(or create your own from scratch!)

From the simple “Dart” to something a bit more wacky like “The Flying Saucer”, pick your paper plane, and start folding those edges!

Take a snap of your plane and record a test flight.

Take a picture of your creation and share it with your colleagues. Wanna get geeky? Record down your flight times, speed, and distance and make an aviator card.

So what is Kaido?

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