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A year of curated activities linked to the UN calendar of world events, which will bring your team around meaningful topics.

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The Science behind Experiences

Learn about the importance of shared experience for successful team development.

Kaido Experiences are...
Low effort.
A curated calendar of events designed to continuously engage your team, with almost no effort needed from you.
Designed to work with remote, hybrid or in-office teams. Tested and proven with teams from 10 to over 5,000 employees.
Everything we do is rooted in the latest team and behavioural science. We put together the right activities at the right times.
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Introductory Experiences

August 2022

πŸ˜„ Just for fun
πŸ” Lunchtime Activity
Colleague Companions
For πŸ‘¬ Int. Day of Friendship
Groups of 6+
15-20 mins
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Old-skool ⁣ Sports Day
For Int. Youth Day
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Shared Memories
For πŸ–Ό World Photo Day
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Doggy Day
For πŸ• Int. Dog Day

September 2022

πŸŽ— Giving back
Giving Back
For 🎁 Int. Day of Charity
🏰 Cultural
Turning the Pages
For πŸ“– Int. Literacy Day
πŸ“š Learning skills
Power of Connection
For πŸ‘ Int. Day of Sign Language
πŸŽ— Giving back
Coffee, Cake & Chat
For β˜• World's Biggest Coffee Morning
♻️ Sustainability
Waste not, ⁣ Want not
For 🍌 Int. Day of Food Loss and Waste

October 2022

πŸ“š Learning skills
πŸ“… Single day
The Milky Way
For πŸš€ World Space Week
Groups of 4-6
Up to 30 mins
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Minds Matter
For 😌 World Mental Health Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Menopause Awareness
For πŸ‘΅ World Menopause Day
πŸ” Lunchtime Activity
Black Lives Matter
For πŸ‘¨πŸΏοΈ Black History Month

November 2022

πŸŽ— Giving back
πŸ‘ Show & tell
For πŸ‘¨ Movember
Up to 10
15-20 mins
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Building Resilience
For 😟 National Stress Awareness Day
🏰 Cultural
Bonfire Night
For πŸ”₯ Guy Fawkes Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Diabetes Day
For 🍭 World Diabetes Day

December 2022

πŸŽ— Giving back
Nuturing Nature
For 🌲 World Wildlife Conservation Day
πŸ“… Single day
Human Rights Day
For ✊ Human Rights Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Continue to Climb
For β›° Int. Mountains Day

January 2023

⛰️ Challenge
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Kaido Yearly Challenge

Challenge, inspire and change your entire company to be better, healthier and happier.

Work in teams of 2-10
10 mins per day (for a month)

And here’s a preview of what’s coming in 2023...

πŸ“š Learning skills
Teachers Day
For Int. Day of Education
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Heart to Heart
For πŸ—£ Time to Talk Day
πŸŽ— Giving back
Simple Surprises
For Random Act of Kindness Day
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Pancake Day
For Shrove Tuesday
🏰 Cultural
Inspired by Stories
For πŸ“• World Book Day
πŸ‘ Show & tell
Girl Power
For πŸ‘© Int. Woman's Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Forty Winks
For 😴 World Sleep Day
πŸŽ— Giving back
Power of Positivity
For 😊 Int. Day of Happiness
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
World Health Day
For World Health Day
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Get Giggling
For πŸ˜‚ Int. Moment of Laughter Day
πŸ“š Learning skills
Wild Imagination
For 😊 World Creativity and Innovation Day
♻️ Sustainability
Mother Earth
For 🌎 Int. Mother Earth Day
πŸŽ— Giving back
Vocal Admiration
For πŸ’– Global Love Day
πŸ“š Learning skills
Love to Learn
For πŸ“š Learning at Work Week
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Tea Tastic
For 🍡️️ Int. Tea Day
πŸ“… Single day
For πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Pride Month
πŸŽ— Giving back
Helping Hands
For βœ‹ Volunteers Week
♻️ Sustainability
Purifying the Planet
For πŸ’¨ Clean Air Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Mind and Body
For Int. Day of Yoga
♻️ Sustainability
Bag for Life
For πŸ› Int. Plastic Bag Free Day
πŸŽ— Giving back
Save the Bees
For 🐝 Don't step on a bee day
πŸ“š Learning skills
All Ears
For πŸ‘‚ World Listening Day
πŸ˜„ Just for fun
Group Games
For β™ŸοΈ Chess Day
🌿 Health & Wellbeing
Pamper Day
For ✨ Int. Self Care Day

How do all these work?

Great question! You choose the Experiences you feel your team will engage best with, aligning to the events that are most meaningful to them and your company. Then we'll provide you with everything you need to run the Experience successfully.

Kaido will help you build happier, healthier, more connected teams that thrive together.

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