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How Clive Owen powered Employee Wellbeing and Team Morale through the pandemic

By Sarah Elliot

Clive Owen LLP is an award-winning accountancy firm, with 12 partners and more than 100 employees across their Darlington, Durham and York locations. They’re immensely proud of their regional roots and have actively advised, invested in and championed local businesses for over 35 years.

This close-knit sense of community is core to their own team too. So when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to remote working, togetherness remained a top priority.

Caroline Bowerbank, HR & Training Manager, said:

"Our initial concerns were around how we could work from home and the technical aspects and sorting out the technology to enable this. As we explored the new normal, new challenges presented themselves. How to onboard and integrate staff, how to support wellbeing and how young people could effectively learn and develop when they weren’t in a team of more experienced people."

Supporting team wellbeing from all sides

The company recognised that staff needed support on many levels: as individuals navigating the personal effects of the pandemic, and as team members missing out on vital colleague connections.

To lighten the load and give workers a safe outlet for concerns, all managers received mental health training and four volunteers became mental health first aiders. Clive Owen LLP also looked to Kaido’s accessible Health and Wellbeing Challenge to keep employees moving, talking and motivated.

Over a period of six weeks, small colleague teams worked together to complete a fun, inclusive virtual ‘Around the World’ journey. Individually and collectively participants earned Kaido points by making improvements to their physical activity, mental health, nutrition and sleep. The whole challenge was brought to live with live leaderboards, team-based wellbeing activities and the opportunity to win challenge themed prizes and rewards.

Whatever their fitness level, colleagues were encouraged to weave wellbeing into their working day, earning points for activities including walking, meditation, reflective journal writing and better food choices.

  • 86% noticed an improvement in their overall health
  • 60% increase in positive conversations about health and wellbeing at work
  • 58% increase in communication and interaction between teams
  • 41% improvement in teamwork
  • 57% felt more motivated
  • 71% increased their daily steps
  • 83% made healthy food swaps.

Keeping team spirit alive after lockdown

The Challenge brought remote teams together and delivered a feel-good focus through tough times. As staff return to the office after lockdown, the management team are determined to build on the benefits. Bridget Charlton, head of the Clive Owen LLP communication team, said:

"Many people are missing the social aspects of being in the workplace and the general conversations which help us all make real human connections and develop work friendships. Engaging with some fun activities and the Kaido app has given us something different to talk about and it has been very positively received. It’s something we intend to make the most of going forward as we gradually return to the workplace and learn how to blend the best of both worlds to keep the conversations going."

Read more about Clive Owen LLP’s wellbeing journey on their website.

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